Origin of The Bird

 When I was little I was nicknamed Linda Bird.

 I loved spending time baking with my mother and grandmother. They taught me about the love that is shared over good food and the value of working with fresh  and nutritious ingredients. I passed on the tradition of mindfully prepared food  to my 3 children and created a granola I felt good about feeding them and they  loved eating.  And in 2009, Bird's Nest Baking Company was born.

At Bird's Nest, our approach to making granola is simple and pure. We handcraft  delicious, small batch granola with thoughtfully sourced organic, all natural and  local desert ingredients. Wholesome ingredients like organic oats, pecans and  amaranth, prickly pear, flax seeds and mesquite are combined to create fresh  granola with just the right amount of crunch and not overly sweet.

 When you try our granola it will taste fresh, delicious and natural...the way real food should!